Boulder, Colo. (April 4, 2017) – Amplifire, a scientifically proven, adaptive learning software solution used by healthcare, education and Fortune 500 companies like UCHealthPartners HealthMastecUnited AirlinesCompTIA and The Princeton Review, today launched Learner Transcript – a new feature that highlights a learner’s strengths and deficiencies to better inform and adapt subsequent training and study sessions.

Amplifire’s Learner Transcript is a detailed, at-a-glance report of individual performance, progress, and learning challenges within each course. Its development is based on recent trends in adaptive learning in higher education that call for improved access and analysis of real-time student data. In the dashboard, learners can track their performance and identify areas where additional study and remediation is required. Instructors can easily access individual learner progress and performance data in one centralized location. They can then quickly drill down into the information they need and respond with customized, effective coaching and tutoring, two of the most proven best ways to retain students.

Specifically, the Learner Transcript dashboard illustrates:

  • Progress
  • Time spent
  • Knowledge levels, including initial knowledge from Amplifire’s adaptive learning assessment
  • Refresher performance
  • Course performance comparison against peers
  • Question-level drill down

Question Drill Down Example

“We expect the Learner Transcript to significantly impact the efficiency and progress of learners’ study plans, as well as improve instructors’ ability to diagnose and correct learner outcomes,” said Bob Burgin, CEO of Amplifire. “This feature is just the latest in our vigilant efforts to address the needs of our clients while continuously improving upon one of the world’s most effective technologies for adaptive learning.”

Amplifire’s proprietary software, developed by the world’s leading experts in cognition, includes triggers that switch on learning and dopamine levels in the brain resulting in faster learning gains coupled with increased memory and retention over time. Amplifire’s patented algorithms and visual heat maps provide evidence of learning and the reduction of Confidently Held Misinformation™ instances that can cause risk, loss and harm in any industry. The software is one of the world’s leading brain science based learning technologies, and is successfully deployed within three key verticals: Amplifire Healthcare AllianceAmplifire Advanced Education, and Amplifire Performance.

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