When mistakes are made, patients are harmed.

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Up to 50% of preventable healthcare-related mistakes occur when providers are confident that they’re right, but in fact, they’re wrong. We know that patient safety is your top priority. Amplifire reduces risk by finding and fixing Confidentially Held Misinformation (CHM) that can lead to avoidable harm.

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Expand knowledge and drive performance

Better training leads to fewer mistakes, but we’ve found that healthcare leaders are frustrated because their typical training methods have failed to yield satisfactory results. That’s why we created Amplifire.

  • Fill knowledge gaps to improve patient care
  • Identify Confidently Held Misinformation (CHM) that clinicians assume is correct
  • Reduce the error that leads to patient harm
Healthcare - Expand knowledge and drive performance

Confident and competent employees
perform better

Reduce training time

Reduce training time

The learning experience is personalized to fill each individuals’ knowledge gaps. Clinicians don’t waste time reviewing material they already know, which means they can get back to work faster.

Find mistakes before they happen

Prevent mistakes

When people are confident but wrong they are likely to make a mistake. In healthcare that’s perilous. That’s why it’s imperative that clinicians are acting on the right information. Now you can see and fix risks before they become mistakes.

Drive better outcomes

Drive better outcomes

Amplifire acts as a clinical intervention, diagnosing and treating misinformation and knowledge gaps that lead to on-the-job errors. It is proven to reduce avoidable harm and associated financial loss while saving training time and costs.

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