Next Generation Learning Platform

Our adaptive algorithms unlock the mind’s highest potential, delivering personalized learning that sticks.

Learning Platform Components

Amplifire’s patented learning platform is built from cognitive science techniques that are proven to improve retention. These techniques are the product of leading research in the field and provide the building blocks of a uniquely effective learning platform.

  • 23 Triggers: Amplifire’s learning methodology includes 23 triggers and techniques that activate the brain’s neural mechanisms, identified through extensive cognitive science research to cause long-term retention.
  • Feedback: Delayed feedback is one such trigger that promotes long-term retention. Learners receive explanatory feedback to provide additional context to the platform learning experience.
  • Adaptive Algorithm: The adaptive algorithm watches each learner’s starting levels of knowledge, uncertainty, and misinformation and adjusts which areas they need to focus on. It cuts learning time in half (sometimes more) by treating each learner as an individual.

  • Gap Finder: The Gap Finder is a smarter way of doing assessments. It identifies knowledge gaps, uncertainties, and misconceptions that would otherwise be undetectable, placing emphasis only on what learners need to know.
  • Smart Refreshers: Quick, short Smart Refreshers are taken two to six weeks after initial learning and consist of only the questions on which a learner struggled, based on an individual’s learning patterns.
  • Learner Report: The learner report gives detailed insight into individual learner’s minds, revealing misinformation, struggle, and mastery down to the question level. This provides coaches and instructors with actionable analytics for optimized intervention.

Confidently held misinformation

  • Confidently held misinformation (CHM) is when a person believes they are correct, but they are actually wrong.
  • When compared to uncertainty or honest knowledge gaps, CHM is particularly dangerous because of the “confidence” aspect. Confidence is a precursor to action. When those in high-stakes professions act with confidence based on misinformation, costly mistakes are made.
  • Amplifire has the unique capability to detect and correct CHM when it would otherwise be an invisible threat.

Authoring Platform and Co-development

  • Amplifire’s content development approach begins a step ahead of traditional methods to elevate instructional design capabilities and shave hours off development time.
    • Web-based, intuitive editing tool
    • Collaboration and co-development with industry leaders
    • Embedded AI tools
    • Enhanced content analytics

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