Workforce Growth and Development

A pronounced workforce challenge exists for the healthcare sector as the demand for specialized skills surpasses conventional qualifications. Discover how investing in the right training solution can help your organization create new career pathways, improve the learning experience, and combat the staffing shortage.

What You’ll Achieve

Empower your people, boost competency, and improve staff retention with faster, more effective training that directly translates to on-the-job performance.

Decrease staff turnover

Retain top talent with personalized learning that boosts employee satisfaction

Increase in-job preparation

Set clinicians and staff up for success with practical knowledge that sticks

Decrease training time

Cut learning time in half and get clinicians on the floor faster

Why health systems choose Amplifire Workforce Development Training

Amplifire’s patented approach provides efficient on-the-job training for clinical support staff to transform their productivity and boost job satisfaction.

  • Respects pre-existing knowledge

    Adaptive, personalized algorithm respects learners’ time and prior knowledge

  • Proven, patented brain science approach

    Precision learning that results in long-term retention, and diagnoses individual and systemic knowledge gaps

  • Collaborative co-development model

    Healthcare Alliance of 25+ organizations committed to evidence-based outcomes

  • LMS Agnostic

    Flexibility to deliver training to your learners within your existing investments

Available Courses and Templates

Amplifire partners with each health system to create workforce development courses unique to each system’s program goals, developed with proven, results-oriented online learning modules.



Courses are designed for health systems to meet the diverse needs of their learner population and transform their workforce by teaching new, useful skills.

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  • Blood Pressure
  • EKG Application and Management
  • Fall Prevention, Patient Mobility, Movement
  • General Knowledge
  • Infection Prevention & Control
  • Injections
  • Patient Safety & Emergency Procedures
  • Personal Protective Equipment & Hygiene
  • Vital Signs, Nutrition & Medical Equipment

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