We imagine a smarter, safer world in which people learn and perform at their highest potential.

Amplifire is the world’s first e-learning solution built from discoveries in brain science that saves time, money, and lives.

Improve learner outcomes

Global healthcare, education, and Fortune 500 companies use Amplifire’s robust analytics and deep business insights to transform their organizations by improving user knowledge and remediating misinformation that leads to risks and errors. Amplifire’s patented algorithms and analytics have improved the lives of patients, professionals, and students and saved clients millions of dollars.

Optimize performance and reduce errors

Confidently Held Misinformation (CHM) is a hidden yet important part of risk because confidence influences decisions. When individuals are confident and wrong, then a mistake is likely. Amplifire’s learning platform identifies and eliminates confidently held misinformation to reduce errors and risks.

Master faster and retain longer

We employ active learning strategies based on research from the world’s leading brain scientists. Our algorithms adapt to each individual’s existing knowledge. The system knows to move quickly through knowledge that is already known and spend time on knowledge gaps so learners master the content in half the time of conventional methods.

Measure effectiveness with performance analytics

Finally, you can measure the effectiveness of your training – in realtime! Gain insight into the state of learner knowledge with visual data analytics that reflect struggle and mastery. Knowing where misinformation is declining and where it is systemic lets you know exactly where and what action is needed.

Better employee performance is now inevitable.

Better employee performance is now inevitable.

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