2.4 billion

learner interactions

1 million

interactions per day

192 million

instances of Misinformation resolved

Remote Learning That Gets Results

  • The only eLearning platform built with discoveries
    in cognitive science
  • Detects and corrects misinformation and knowledge
    gaps that exist in all people
  • Used as a strategy to build an expert workforce capable
    of achieving the organization’s goals

COVID-19 Essentials Course

This new course is designed for frontline caregivers who are fighting to minimize the spread of the outbreak by not acquiring the SARS-CoV-2 virus themselves or transmitting it to others. In contrast to many other training resources that have recently surfaced, this course focuses on known areas of misunderstanding regarding use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), while also directly addressing the consequences of PPE shortages.

covid-19 infection prevention

Misinformation is hidden
in the minds of all workers

Billions of learner interactions have shown us that
confidently held misinformation exists across occupations,
roles, demographics, education, and experience.

Measurable results when you train with knowledge engineering

Speeds time to productivity

  • Adapts to each learner’s existing knowledge
  • Time is not wasted on topics they already know
  • Information is retained in memory longer

Reduces error

  • Misinformation and uncertainty drive behavior
  • As they decline, workplace errors and incidents decrease

Delivers strong ROI

  • Overhead falls when Amplifire replaces legacy training
  • As this example shows, millions in savings are possible


My experience with Amplifire has been nothing short of miraculous.

Professional Instructor
International Non-Profit Learning & Conservation Organization

It was an effective way of not just learning, but mastering.

Management Consulting Company

The data analytics show that it’s really making an impact in clinical care.

Robert J. Birnbaum, MD, PhD
Vice President of Continuing Professional Development at Partners Healthcare

This course was wonderful at making sure you were
confident in managing a sepsis patient.

Major Health System

Once you use Amplifire, no other learning system seems valid without the confidence measure.

Vice President
Clinical Operations, Hospital Corps of America

I think  the root of our biggest problems is misinformation
and there’s no other way to identify it.

Vice President Clinical Operations
Hospital Corporation of America

Retention rates among peace officers after 12 months jumped from 30% to 80%.

Law Enforcement Academy Professor
Arapaho Community College

My students who used amplifire were more than twice as likely to get an A than a B

Community College of Baltimore County

Confidently Held Misinformation, in the context of safety
and compliance, scares me, as it should you.

Dan Hyman, MD
Chief Medical and Patient Safety Officer, Children’s Hospital of Colorado

This is a fantastic learning tool for the field. LOVE IT!

Director of Technical Operations
Major Telecom Corp.

Every training director in the world gets a dozen calls a week from
training vendors who swear they’ve cracked the code of learning.
Amplifire  is the only company that can back up that claim.

Manager of Training
Global Professional Services Company

Amplifire has the ability to systematically produce a much
stronger ROI every time a company spends money on learning.

Former Global Managing Director
Human Resources & Learning, Accenture

This is a very different, yet superb approach that resulted in a great learning experience.

Management Consulting Company

I’ve always felt a bit disconnected from the material. The Amplifire heat map changes all of that.

Pilot Instructor
Major Airline

It’s straight to the point, accomplishes the goals our company has set, and doesn’t waste my time.

Major Helicopter Fleet

Amplifire is the best training tool this company has used!

Plant manager
Worldwide Food Manufacturer

We plan to pay docs to take Amplifire modules, and I think it’s money well spent.

Per Danielsson
Physician and Medical Director at Swedish Medical Center

Amplifire is a game changer for improving the call center rep experience.

Global Healthcare Learning and Innovation Global Call Center

I found my desire to fully engage in the learning became a little addictive.

Pilot Instructor
Major Airline

It has the potential to revolutionize how we disseminate critical information.

Per Danielson
Physician and Medical Director at Swedish Medical Center

Organizations reaching their goals

Companies like these use Amplifire to drive improved bottom line outcomes.

It’s easy to get started

Upload your documents, videos, or slide decks via the Amplifire
Authoring Platform. Deployment to your workforce through email
or LMS is straightforward. We can help if needed.

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