Case Studies

Learn how Amplifire is helping individuals perform better and organizations prosper.

67% performance improvement

Sepsis: Fixed 7,795 instances of misinformation

CLABSI: 59,967 instances of misinformation found and fixed

CAUTI: 49,572 instances of CHM remediated

$9M savings in reduced training time

Medevac: Adverse incidents down 60%

$4M savings through 17% reduction in manufacturing errors

$2M monthly savings in production time

25% reduction in nursing onboarding time

EHR Training Webinar
Obstetrics Case Study
Opioid Safe Use and Management Case Study
De-escalation Techniques for Behavioral Health Issues
Ladder Safety Training
Resident EHR Onboarding
Castlight Case Study
Sepsis: A Study Involving 1,051 Nurses at a US Health System
C.Diff: 6,934 Instances of Confidently Held Misinformation Remediated
Call Center Training
Sepsis Reduction
test prep pass rates
CLABSI Reduction
CAUTI Reduction
aviation safety
Food Industry Operational Errors
Bar Exam pass Rate
Field tech productivity
Food Prep Certification
Reduction in Pressure Injuries
National Hospitalist Demo
Onboarding Nurses
aviation cpr training
ROI aviation training
Safe Injections
Effective Dialysis Training
Pediatric sepsis study