Call center enjoys both faster onboarding and higher NPS

Call center enjoys both faster onboarding and higher NPS

This leading telecom is one of the largest wireless network operators in the US. With over 50 million customers, they prioritize customer service.

Employee turnover in call centers is high, running from 30% to 50% per year. New hires need rapid, effective training to efficiently solve customers’ problems, cultivate customer loyalty, and position customers with the optimal set of features for their needs. Extra minutes per call add up to enormous annual costs, and unsuccessful resolutions over the phone add more. In response, call centers closely measure operations to optimize results.

This telecom measured the effectiveness of Amplifire on new hire performance at two large customer call centers where agents took calls to handle questions about features, options, bandwidth, and billing. Using a control group to ensure meaningful before-after analysis, the improvements in new hire performance delivered a substantial ROI.

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