Payor and Life Sciences

Empower your employees to reach their highest potential with a more efficient, engaging approach to training. Amplifire respects learners’ time and expertise by teaching them only what they need to know.


Experience unprecedented outcomes with our customizable brain science-based learning solutions.

50-80% reduction in training time

60% decrease in processing error rate

Meet compliance requirements in less time

67% increase in call center proficiency


Quickly and efficiently create learning solutions to help your organization succeed.

Solutions List

Examples of existing courses our clients use today:

  • Call center training
  • Annual enrollment training (AEP)
  • Compliance training
  • Business systems processes
  • Claims processing
  • And more

Who We Train

Courses can be tailored for all levels and skills, including:

  • Call center agents
  • Sales professionals
  • Management
  • Professional staff
  • Physicians and guest speakers

Why payors and life sciences organizations choose Amplifire

Amplifire’s patented approach and easy AI authoring tool delivers impressive returns, including reduced training time, fewer errors, and more proficient employees.

  • Adaptive, personalized algorithm

    Adaptive learning respects learners’ time and prior knowledge

  • Easy AI Authoring Platform

    Web-based, intuitive editing tool leverages embedded AI tools

  • Precision learning that sticks

    Proven, patented brain science approach that diagnoses individual and systemic knowledge gaps

  • LMS agnostic

    Flexibility to deliver training to your learners within your existing learning management system or as a standalone solution

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Our clients are globally recognized leaders in industries where the stakes are the highest.

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