The Healthcare Alliance

A collaboration of leading health systems working to meaningfully improve the learning experience, engage clinicians, reduce costs, and improve clinical performance.

Members of the Healthcare Alliance

The Healthcare Alliance includes more than 30 health systems and integrated delivery networks, representing 500+ acute hospitals and 1 million employees. Members include:

Benefits of the Healthcare Alliance

Healthcare Alliance members receive access to:

  • 100+ courses

    Courseware and templates developed by peers & thought leaders

  • Efficacy

    Insights including shared efficacy results and lessons learned

  • Affinity groups

    Discussion groups and role-based networking

  • Annual Summit

    Annual Virtual Summit highlighting innovation across the Alliance

  • Co-authoring opportunities

    Receive revenue share for co-authoring content

  • Early adopter opportunities

    Early access to new courseware

Trusted Partners

Amplifire partners with organizations to create courses, deliver training, and help our Healthcare Alliance members achieve their goals.

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Virtual Summit Highlights Video

At the 2024 Healthcare Alliance Virtual Summit, members shared innovative solutions around building a sustainable workforce for the future. Featured speakers from throughout the Alliance highlighted innovative approaches for addressing the diverse and extensive challenges associated with workforce capacity and readiness. Commentary was also offered from members of Amplifire’s Clinical Innovation Advisory Board.

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