Obstetrics Risk Reduction

Now, more than ever, health systems need obstetrics training that actually works. Revolutionize your OB training program with targeted, personalized learning that respects clinicians’ time and expertise, while meeting Joint Commission requirements, efficiently and effectively.

What You’ll Achieve

Empower your clinicians with the knowledge and tools they need to provide consistent, top-tier care and move the needle on obstetrics outcomes for your organization.

Meet joint commission requirements efficiently and effectively

Quickly deploy proven-effective courses in hypertension, postpartum hemorrhage, and more

Increase in clinician satisfaction

Adaptive learning respects clinicians’ time, teaching them only what they need to know

Identify where your clinicians are struggling

See exactly where your clinicians need extra coaching, from course-level down to specific questions

Why health systems choose Amplifire Obstetrics Training

Amplifire’s patented approach eliminates dangerous risk associated with confidently misheld information — when an individual believes they are correct, but they are actually wrong.

  • Respects pre-existing knowledge

    Adaptive, personalized algorithm respects learners’ time and prior knowledge

  • Proven, patented brain science approach

    Precision learning that results in long-term retention, and diagnoses individual and systemic knowledge gaps

  • Collaborative co-development model

    Healthcare Alliance of 30+ organizations committed to evidence-based outcomes

  • LMS agnostic

    Flexibility to deliver training to your learners within your existing investments

OB Training

Cleveland Clinic has partnered with Amplifire to develop training that saves clinicians’ valuable time and improves patient outcomes.

Available Courses and Templates

Courses are designed collaboratively with OB experts to efficiently and effectively meet compliance requirements and teach clinicians exactly what they need to know.



Amplifire partners with each OB department to select and customize the right courses for your organization’s needs.

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  • Shoulder Dystocia
  • Electronic Fetal Monitoring
  • Hypertension in Pregnancy
  • Postpartum Hemorrhage
  • Advanced EFM: Category II Tracing Management
  • Advanced EFM: Interpretation of Fetal Cord Gas
  • Allo-immunization
  • Advanced EFM: Prolonged Decelerations
  • Maternal Sepsis
  • VTE

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