Amplifire Workforce:
A Comprehensive Workforce Development Solution

To meet the pronounced workforce challenges plaguing healthcare, organizations are prioritizing highly personalized competency and skills-based learning, emphasizing workforce adaptability. Discover how investing in the right solution can help your organization create new career pathways, improve the learning experience, and reduce administrative burden

What You’ll Achieve

Checklists only go so far. Empower your people, ensure competency, and improve staff retention with faster, more effective training that directly translates to on-the-job skills.

Reduce training time and administrative burden 

Streamline and personalize onboarding, competency assessment and career development

Increase in-job preparation

Set clinicians and staff up for success with practical knowledge that sticks

Actionable insights to each learner

Metrics and analytics that allow you to focus on individual and departmental gaps

Components of Amplifire Workforce

Amplifire’s Workforce Competency program addresses workforce requirements across traditional and rapidly emerging roles.

  • Role assessments 

    Peer reviewed assessments for pre-hire, onboarding or career advancement

  • Focused Competency Reinforcement 

    <10 min learning identifies and remediates knowledge gaps specific to each individual

  • Foundational Education 

    Patented, efficacy-tested courses for onboarding or high-stakes initiatives

  • Competency Tracking and LMS Agnostic 

    Integrates seamlessly with your competency 
    management tracking

Common Focus Areas

Common focus areas include preventing healthcare acquired conditions, organizational culture and effectiveness, regulatory compliance, workplace violence, PCA and Nursing professional development, and more.

Solutions List

100+ courses and assessments, including:

  • Behavioral Health
  • Dialysis
  • Pressure Injuries
  • Patient Falls
  • Communications Skills and DEI
  • Sepsis
  • Workplace Violence Prevention
  • And more

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Amplifire Workforce seamlessly integrates with trusted competency management platforms.