Secondary & Higher Education

We offer a unique, patented brain-science based algorithm that makes learning stick.


Powered by embedded AI tools and brain-science discoveries, Amplifire’s unique, patented algorithm is disrupting legacy learning methods and training software.

125% decrease in study time

33% increase in student GPAs

79% increase in pass rates

50% reduction in course development time


Empower your institution to create courses efficiently and empower your learners to succeed in less time.

Course Examples

  • LSAT prep
  • MCAT prep
  • IT Certification prep
  • Food Safety (National Restaurant Association Certification)
  • Higher Education courses
  • Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Business

Students Who Learn With Amplifire

  • Secondary education
  • Higher education
  • Independent certifications

Why educators choose Amplifire

Stay ahead of the curve and elevate the training experience for your staff with personalized, adaptive learning that respects their time and expertise. Develop best-in-class, high-quality courses to meet regulatory requirements in a fraction of the time.

  • Adaptive, personalized learning experience

    Keep students engaged with learning tailored to their individual needs

  • Deep learner insights

    Instructors have access to robust learner analytics that reveal struggle at the individual- and topic-levels and provide a roadmap for intervention

  • Proof of mastery

    Realize true learning improvement as students demonstrate they are both confident and correct on all prompts

  • Easy, fast AI authoring

    Create course content that maps directly to learning objectives and goals in just a few clicks

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