Organizational Culture

Foster collaboration, create a safe and respective environment, and enable your workforce to achieve its highest potential with the advantage of precision knowledge.

What You’ll Achieve

Ensure your organization is a safe place for patients and staff alike; empower your staff to uphold safety standards and protect their well-being in the workplace.

Decrease workers compensation claims

by reducing the rate of violent incidents

Eliminate different forms of bias

by building self-awareness and insight on behaviors

Improve patient safety

by appropriately guiding safe processes and behaviors

Why health systems choose Amplifire Organizational Culture Training

Whether orienting new clinicians or employees, or training existing employees, Amplifire offers a proven way to assure that critical content is delivered and retained at scale.

  • Respects pre-existing knowledge

    Adaptive, personalized algorithm respects learners’ time and prior knowledge

  • Proven, patented brain science approach

    Precision learning that results in long-term retention, and diagnoses individual and systemic knowledge gaps

  • Collaborative co-development model

    Healthcare Alliance of 30+ organizations committed to evidence-based outcomes

  • LMS agnostic

    Flexibility to deliver training to your learners within your learning management solution or as a standalone solution

Available Courses and Templates

Courses are designed to ensure that essential concepts associated with quality and safety, as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion are delivered in time-efficient and effective ways.



Amplifire partners with you to select and customize the right courses for your organization’s needs.

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  • Cognitive Bias in Decision Making
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Patient Safety – Physician Edition
  • Serious Illness Conversation
  • Workplace Violence Prevention

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