Private University eLearning Case Study

Improving student retention through adaptive online learning with deep learner insights, better intervention, and cognitive science principles for a better learning experience & longer lasting memory.

Bar Exam Prep Case

A 2017 study evaluated the effect of Amplifire on simulated bar exam scores, but avoided two problems by comparing performance across exam topics within each learner. Topics on which a student used Amplifire were compared to topics on which that same student didn’t. This study thus controlled for most third-variable issues that undermine causality (e.g., student ability, motivation, study habits).

Pass Rates Case

The reason Amplifire can deliver significant outcomes is because the platform is built on specific discoveries in brain science that have revealed the most effective techniques for learning rapidly and retaining the information longer. The platform uses 14 cognitive triggers such as confidence-based questioning, spacing, interleaving, priming, feedback with a delay, and many others. You can read more about them here.

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