Smart organizations spot and remediate risk. But some risks are hidden. The biggest risk you never heard of is confidently held misinformation.

eLearning, is it working?

The Danger of
Confidently Held Misinformation

Confidently Held Misinformation (CHM) is when someone is sure they are right but they are actually wrong. Every organization has it. CHM hinders performance and leads to costly mistakes. It’s perilous.

But it shouldn’t be this way. Amplifire can help you:

  • Detect and correct CHM
  • Find and fix mistakes before they happen
  • Improve outcomes by transforming learning and training into knowledge and understanding

A learning tool that changes behavior

Smart organizations use Amplifire as a change management tool to improve outcomes. They choose Amplifire because it:

  • Is built on cognitive science principles that foster rapid learning and long-term retention
  • Personalizes the learning experience by adapting to each learners’ current knowledge
  • Measures confidence, the precursor to action
  • Pinpoints strength and weakness with rich data analytics
  • Uniquely detects and corrects confidently held misinformation—a hidden risk that leads to costly mistakes
Why It Works

Get smarter
about getting smarter

Work harder? Success today requires
employees to work smarter.

  • Put the power of brain science to work for you
  • Target confidently held misinformation
  • Eliminate risk and assure safety
  • Deliver measurable results
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Why the top companies in the world are believers in Amplifire

A learning platform that’s simple to implement, giving leaders across industries an edge that is hard to overcome.

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By Knowledge Factor

5.0 (22)

“I have never in my 20 years had someone say, ‘That was fun, that training, can I do it again?'”

– CT Lin, MD, UCHealth

“It gives us not just the ability to transmit the knowledge but the ability to measure how well we transmitted it and how well it stuck.”

– Brent James
Clinical Professor at the Clinical Excellence Research Center, Stanford University School of Medicine and Chairman, Amplifire Innovation Advisory Board

Because when you sharpen the minds of your employees,
the whole organization gains an edge.