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Charles’ story (Amplifire’s founder)

In 2001, I had sold Digital Stock, the world’s first royalty free image business, to Bill Gates. Pretty neat, but being a restless sort, I was seeking the next opportunity and found it in the concept of confidence-based learning. So that year I launched nForma, an application that would teach employees in areas of knowledge where they were confident yet wrong, a phenomenon that later would be called confidently held misinformation (CHM). That year, the events of 9/11 shattered my dream and I wound down Nforma, putting it on the shelf for a better day.

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Bob’s story (Amplifire’s CEO)

In elementary school I suffered from severe dyslexia and had been held back a few grades. As you can imagine, studying is hard when the words in a book don’t make sense. My future was looking pretty bleak when one of my teachers decided to take me under his wing for one-on-one tutoring. We began a year’s worth of flash card drills and compensatory brain training. Incredibly, not only did I catch up under his tutelage, I became an A student, graduating high school with a 4.0 GPA and attending college on a presidential scholarship . With that lucky break, I supported myself by establishing and running a series of tutoring centers in college for struggling students.

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