Is your workforce operating at its full potential?

You’ve spent time and money training your workforce, but was it effective? Few organizations would answer yes. It turns out that knowledge gaps in the workforce create risks that lead to costly mistakes.

People quickly forget what they’ve learned. They suffer from cognitive bias. And they operate with Confidently Held Misinformation (CHM), when someone is sure they are right but they are wrong.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

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Transform training and learning into knowledge and understanding

Sharpen the minds of your people and your whole organization gains an edge. We put the power of brain science to work so that your workforce can recall the right information at the right time. Built on cognitive science principles, our learning platform promotes rapid learning and long-term recall that results in high performing employees.

Confident and competent employees perform better

Shorten time to proficiency

The learning experience is personalized to fill each individuals’ knowledge gaps. Employees don’t waste time reviewing material they already know, which means they can get to work faster.

Increase employee retention

Effective job training leads to happier employees. Setup your employees for success with an efficient training tool that adapts to fill their knowledge gaps

Increase customer satisfaction

Confident and competent employees are more engaged in their roles. Satisfied employees produce satisfied customers – ultimately driving higher profits.

eLearning, is it working?

Why the top companies in the world are believers in Amplifire

A learning platform that’s simple to implement, giving leaders across industries an edge that is hard to overcome.

Getting Smarter is Fast and Easy

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“If you know where people are starting from in their learning, then you know what you have to do to get them where they need to be.”

– Scott Tweedy, Sr. VP of Support and Technology, Castlight Health