Our Leadership Team

Bob Burgin


Bob brings over thirty years of leadership experience to his position as CEO at Amplifire. Bob founded the Amplifire Healthcare Alliance, a collaboration of hospital systems dedicated to improving patient care and reducing the incidence of avoidable harm by eliminating confidently held misinformation. Bob brings Alliance members together with the common goal of reducing patient risk and clinical variation. Outcomes data proves that clinical variation can be overcome when health systems employ the right tools with a collective will to solve problems together.

JK Hullett


JK brings 25 years of financial and operational experience. He worked in corporate and business development at American Airlines, and was CFO of @Last Software before it was acquired by Google and CEO of Net Identity before it was acquired by Tucows. JK is a Principal at Lacuna Gap Capital, an investment group that supported Amplifire through early-stage product development and market implementation. Mr. Hullett oversees all financial activity, from contract development, renewals, and negotiations, to patent filings and legal compliance matters.

Charles J. Smith

Chief Research Officer and Co-Founder

Charles has launched five companies and one foundation. He is known for inventing the royalty-free model at Digital Stock Inc., later sold to Bill Gates, and the confidence-based learning model built into Amplifire. Charles organized the Amplifire Science Advisory Board and leads the efforts to move insights gleaned from cognitive science into the Amplifire algorithm so that people benefit from faster learning and longer memory. In his spare time, he is a board member of Nature and Culture International, which has conserved 20 million acres in tropical South America, and a co-founder of the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation

Bryan Bushick MD

GM & Chief Healthcare Innovation Officer

With Amplifire since April 2019, Bryan brings over 30 years of healthcare sector experience to his current overall responsibility for expanding and serving the Amplifire Healthcare Alliance. A seasoned executive and consultant, Bryan applies insights from previous roles that included Chief Operating Officer at DocSite, interim Chief Medical Officer with Prominence Health Plan, enterprise-wide quality leadership as System Vice President, Performance Measurement and Improvement at Allina Health System, and relationship building with customers, prospects, and partners as Senior Vice President, Business Development at CareScience. Bryan also had tenures with UnitedHealthcare/Medica and Towers Perrin after initiating a non-clinical career devoted to population health, patient safety and performance improvement.

Dan Morley

Executive VP, Sales & Client Operations

Dan has an impressive track record in the telecommunications, cable, and software industries. He brings expertise in business development, strategic planning, operations, and sales that have increased profitability and and improved customer experience. With a deep background building high performing teams, designing operation processes, and product development, Dan has been a key player helping Amplifire set up multiple large-scale strategic projects across Fortune 500 companies that have benefited their employees and bottom line.

Nick Hjort Leadership

Nick Hjort

Chief Product Officer

Brings over 20 years of technical product leadership experience in successfully driving teams to deliver products quickly and efficiently. Nick has a wide array of experience ranging from large companies like MediaNews Group, where he was the Vice President of Technical Operations, providing senior leadership on the platform powering more than 75 daily newspaper websites, to small companies like Indigio, where he served as the Director of Engineering and helped grow the organization from 12 to 90 employees. Nick has also been very active in the startup community in Colorado where he launched his own mobile app company prior to joining Amplifire where he oversees all aspects of product design and development.

Our Science Advisory Board

The Science Advisory Board continually reviews, validates, and enhances the methodology and algorithms of the Amplifire platform.

Robert Bjork


Bob is UCLA’s former Chair of Psychology and past president of the Association of Psychological Science. He is a pioneer in understanding the role of desirable difficulties, testing effects, and the counterintuitive nature of learning. Bob’s primary goal is to promote learning and memory performance in educational settings through the investigation of principles in cognitive psychology. His work is the basis for Malcolm Gladwell’s David and Goliath.

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Elizabeth Bjork


Elizabeth is the Co-principal investigator of the Bjork Learning and Forgetting Laboratory at UCLA. Her work has shown the public that forgetting is not the unfortunate tendency of a limited system; rather, it is the consequence of an adaptive one. Most people are inaccurate in measuring their own knowledge through judgments of learning because they mistakenly rely on the immediate access to knowledge in order to determine the long-term memory retention and the transfer of such knowledge to different contexts.

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Dan Schacter

PhD, Harvard

Dan is Harvard’s former Chair of Psychology. He has written 300 scientific articles and eight books, including The Seven Sins of Memory, The Brain, the Mind, and the Past, and Psychology a university-level textbook. Research in the Schacter memory lab is broadly concerned with understanding the nature and function of human memory, using cognitive, neuropsychological, and neuroimaging approaches. Current topics of interest include: constructive memory and memory distortion, the role of memory in imagining the future, counterfactual simulation and memory, and enhancing online learning.

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Rich Mayer


Rich is UCSB’s former Chair of the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences. For fifteen years, Educational Psychology ranked him the “most productive educational psychologist in the world.” His research interests are in applying the science of learning to education, with current projects on multimedia learning, computer-supported learning, and computer games for learning. His research is at the intersection of cognition, instruction, and technology, with a focus on how to help people learn in ways so they can transfer what they have learned to new situations.

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Roddy Roediger

PhD, Washington University at St. Louis

Roddy is Washington’s former Chair of Psychology and Chair of the governing board of the Psychonomic Society. Roddy explores various topics in human learning and memory such as educational applications of cognitive psychology, eyewitness memory, metacognition, memory illusions, people with highly superior memory and collective memory. These are diverse topics but are held together by each representing a central and interesting topic in the study of human learning and memory. He is the author of Make It Stick and over 175 research papers.

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Kathleen McDermott

PhD, Washington University at St. Louis

Kathleen is a Professor of Psychology at Washington University who investigates human memory encoding and retrieval and how they interact. She is well known for her research on how human memory is encoded and retrieved, with a specific interest in how false memories develop. In collaboration with Henry L. (Roddy) Roediger III, she developed the Deese-Roediger-McDermott paradigm used to study the phenomenon of memory illusions

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Chad Lane

PhD, University of Illinois

Chad is a professor at the University of Illinois and is interested in the foundational theories and practices of educational psychology, including learning and development. His research seeks to build advanced learning environments that reap the benefits of timely and appropriate guidance. Chad is known for developing educational technologies that are as compelling and engaging as the very best social media apps, video games, or movies.

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Robert Birnbaum

PhD, MD, Vice President of Professional Development & Implementation Science at Mass General Brigham

Bob is the Director of Continuing Professional Development at Partners Healthcare and an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Birnbaum is the founding Director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Psychiatry Academy and the founding Executive Director of the MGH Academy. Bob is a practicing psychopharmacologist who has studied education methodology and impact, developed courseware, and managed large-scale medical education efforts.

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Clinical Innovation Advisory Board

The Innovation Advisors are some of the most prestigious, accomplished thought leaders in American healthcare,helping target and develop course content and strategic direction in the evolving healthcare landscape.

Brent C. James MD

Clinical Professor at the Clinical Excellence Research Center, Stanford University School of Medicine and Chairman, Amplifire Innovation Advisory Board

Brent is known internationally for his work in quality improvement, patient safety, and the infrastructure that underlies successful improvement efforts, such as culture change, data systems, payment methods, and management roles. For six of the seven years it has been in existence, Brent has been named among Modern Physician’s “50 Most Influential Physician Executives in Healthcare,” and among the “100 Most Powerful People in Healthcare” for five years in Modern Healthcare.

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Maureen Bisognano MD

President Emerita and Senior Fellow, Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)

Maureen served as IHI’s President and CEO for five years, after serving as Executive Vice President and COO for 15 years. She is a leading authority on improving health care systems, whose expertise has been recognized by her election to the National Academy of Medicine). Maureen is also an Instructor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and a Research Associate in the Brigham and Women’s Hospital Division of Social Medicine and Health Inequalities.

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Terry Fairbanks

MD, MS, Vice President, Quality and Safety, Medstar

Terry has contributed more than 120 publications to the healthcare quality and safety, human factors engineering, and medical literature, and he co-edited a book on cognitive systems engineering in healthcare. He has served in national and international roles, including the National Patient Safety Foundation Board of Advisors, the POLITICO Health IT Advisory Forum, AHRQ Patient Safety Network Technical Expert Advisory Panel, and he is a Health Research and Educational Trust (HRET) Senior Fellow.

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Peter Pronovost

MD, PhD, FCCM, Chief Clinical Transformation Officer at University Hospitals, Professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Peter is a global thought leader, informing US and global health policy. He is world-renowned as a patient safety champion, critical care physician, and a prolific researcher, publishing over 800 peer review publications. According to Atul Gawande in The New Yorker, Pronovost’s “work has already saved more lives than that of any laboratory scientist in the past decade.” In 2008 Time Magazine named Pronovost one of the 100 most influential people in the world. That same year, he was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship.

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Lucy A. Savitz

PhD, MBA, Director, Center for Health Research and Vice President, Health Research, Kaiser Permanente Northwest

Lucy is a health services researcher with extensive experience translating scientific findings into clinical practice. As director of the Center for Health Research, she oversees the work of about 35 investigators and 255 staff members at CHR’s offices in Portland, Oregon.

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