The World’s Leading Cognitive Scientists

The research that makes Amplifire possible is being performed in the labs of our Science Board—the world’s leading experts in the learning sciences.

The platform incorporates findings from these fields to create the most effective path to rapid learning, long-lasting memory, and performance.

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Cognitive Science

Amplifire’s patented algorithm is built with more than fifteen triggers that switch on learning and memory. The triggers were discovered through decades of experiments, mostly in the psychologicial sciences. They are continually being refined with ongoing research in university labs around the world.

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Confidence-Based Questions

All learners begin in Amplifire with questions that ask about their knowledge and also the confidence with which they hold it.

Think of confidence as the bridge between information in a brain and action in the world.

Amplifire has the unique power to find and fix the confidently held misinformation (CHM) that lives in the minds of all people in all professions. It leads to human error and can be perilous.

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Adaptive to Every Learner

Amplifire is more than just adaptive. It is personalized to every learner.

Learners focus only on content where they have knowledge gaps, misinformation, uncertainty, or struggle until they achieve mastery.

The five components in Amplifire’s personalization approach take an individual from their unique starting knowledge to complete mastery.

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VIC: a Virtual Instructional Coach

VIC is an algorithm based in artificial intelligence that senses the progress of learners through their misinformation, struggle, pace, learning patterns, time on-task, and success.

With this information, VIC nudges, cajoles, and encourages the learner with personal messages tailored to keep the learner on track towards mastery.

Analytics Dashboard Screenshot

Analytics Dashboard

Amplifire’s Reporting Dashboard gives you insight into the entire organization, past and present. You can see thousands of learners at any point in their progress toward mastery. With over a billion learner interactions, Amplifire has identified three areas of risk to learners and organizations:

  • Misinformation Risk
  • Learner Struggle
  • Systemic Organizational Risk

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