The Forgetting Curve

Relying on the latest research in cognitive science, the Science Advisory Board continually reviews, validates, and enhances the methodology and algorithms of the Amplifire platform.

Robert Bjork, PhD

Robert Bjork, PhD is UCLA’s former Chair of Psychology and past president of the Association of Psychological Science. He is a pioneer in understanding the role of desirable difficulties, testing effects, and the counterintuitive nature of learning. His work is the basis for Malcolm Gladwell’s David and Goliath.

Elizabeth Bjork, PhD

Elizabeth Bjork, PhD is the Co-principal investigator of the Bjork Learning and Forgetting Laboratory at UCLA. Her work has shown the public that forgetting is not the unfortunate tendency of a limited system, rather, it is the consequence of an adaptive one.

Dan Schacter, PhD

Dan Schacter, PhD is Harvard’s former Chair of Psychology. He has written eight books, including The Seven Sins of MemoryThe Brain, the Mind, and the Past, and Psychology a university-level textbook, and 300 scientific articles.

Rich Mayer, PhD

Rich Mayer, PhD is UCSB’s former Chair of the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences. For fifteen years, Educational Psychology ranked him the “most productive educational psychologist in the world.”

Roddy Roediger, PhD

Roddy Roediger, PhD is Washington’s former Chair of Psychology and Chair of the governing board of the Psychonomic Society. He is the author of Make It Stick and over 175 research papers.

Kathleen McDermott, PhD

Kathleen McDermott, PhD is a Professor of Psychology at Washington University who investigates human memory encoding and retrieval and how they interact.

Chad Lane, PhD

Chad Lane, PhD is a professor at the University of Illinois and is interested in the foundational theories and practices of educational psychology, including learning and development. His work seeks to build advanced learning environments that reap the benefits of timely and appropriate guidance.

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Robert Birnbaum, MD, PhD

Robert Birnbaum* is Vice President, Professional Development & Implementation Science, Mass General Brigham. He is a practicing psychopharmacologist who has studied education methodology and impact, developed courseware, and managed large-scale medical education efforts. *Institutional Representative