Students shouldn’t have to work harder – just smarter

There never seems to be enough time. In a busy world with so many distractions, your students are overwhelmed with information.

That’s why we created Amplifire.

Built on Brain Science

Advancements in cognitive science have revealed how the brain works and ushered in a new era of learning. And at Amplifire we are harnessing that understanding to help learners better absorb and retain knowledge. Students come to class prepared to engage with peers and professors. They better understand where focus is required, saving time while improving their pass rates.

Transform Student Learning

Deliver measurable results

Amplifire uniquely identifies knowledge gaps and misinformation. The platform has been proven to reduce study time and increase GPA.

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The platform assesses learner’s knowledge and customizes a module in real-time to fill knowledge gaps so students master the topic quickly.

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The Amplifire platform makes learning stick in long-term memory using emotional and motivational triggers from the latest cognitive research

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Students that use Amplifire are proven to have higher pass rates and better grades. Higher achievement leads to higher student retention.

Success Story

Students win with Amplifire

Give your learners a boost

Amplifire engages learners and shortens study time while improving pass rates. It personalizes the learning experience to fill each individuals’ knowledge gaps. Learners don’t waste time reviewing material they already know and can focus their study time where needed.

eLearning: Is It Working?

Why the top organizations are believers in Amplifire

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“Amplifire enables me to have more in-depth discussions with my students because I can look at the grades and see how well they understood the material beforehand. My students are up to speed and ready to talk when they get into my class.”

– Terry Austin, A&P Temple College