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Aortic Dissection: Deploying Training that Saves Lives

Aortic dissection is a relatively rare heart condition that is lethal if not quickly and aggressively treated. Sadly, it often goes undiagnosed. In fact, physicians only correctly suspect the condition 15% to 43% of the time and the misdiagnosis rate holds steady at 35%.

The 8 Key Healthcare Training Issues

Download the brochure to learn how Amplifire is proven to get clinicians out of the classroom and back onto the floor faster with more confidence and proficiency than other training methods.

Mastering EKG Readouts

This course — developed by experts at Texas Health Resources for Amplifire — was offered to 1,318 nurses and 180 technicians and resulted in at least 62% perfect mastery, significant ROI, and positive patient outcomes.

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