Adaptive Algorithm

The adaptive algorithm watches each learner’s starting levels of knowledge, uncertainty, and misinformation and adjusts which areas they need to focus on. It cuts learning time in half (sometimes more) by treating each learner as an individual with their own unique mix of mastery, misinformation, uncertainty, and information gaps.

Personal Dashboard

A personal learning dashboard is constructed on the fly during learning, giving each learner insight into their pathway to confidently held knowledge.

Gap Finder

When Amplifire’s Gap Finder is deployed, then a learner can rapidly determine which knowledge areas they have already mastered and which areas need concentrated focus.

Smart Refreshers

Smart refreshers are taken two to six weeks after first learning in Amplifire. They are based on an individual’s learning patterns identified during the initial Amplifire session and consist of only the questions on which a learner showed confidently held misinformation. Smart Refreshers can be very quick—only five or six minutes to complete.