Workforce Development Case Study

Health systems need innovative solutions to neutralize the growing healthcare staffing crisis, cultivate a diverse and proficient workforce, and maintain top-tier patient care. Here's how this health system improved their employee retention rate with better training.

Why Creating a Learning Culture is So Important for an Organization’s Success

It is becoming difficult to keep up with the nuances of workforce trends, from “The Great Resignation” to “The Great Reshuffling.” The point, however, is that workers are demanding attention to an underserved aspect of their professional lives: employee experience.  

Castlight’s Online Training Transformation Delivers Business Results

Amplifire’s adaptive eLearning platform is about “evidence-based” performance. It can drive many aspects of an innovative, digital transformation strategy. Castlight Health used it to build an expert workforce capable of achieving its business goals by finding and filling knowledge gaps and Confidently Held Misinformation (CHM) that lead to errors.

Onboarding Case Study

Two of the biggest challenges organizations face are employee turnover and the subsequent poor performance of new employees. High turnover not only impacts the bottom line, it affects customer satisfaction and team morale. This study looks at Amplifire's impact on training, turnover, and financial outcomes when it was deployed at scale in large organizations.

Aviation Operation Safety

Can aviation operation safety improve while reducing training time and cost? Amplifire’s personalized algorithms adapt training to each individual so that employees focus only on their own particular knowledge gaps, misinformation, and uncertainty. This saves time (and money) as demonstrated in the graphic to the right.

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