Patient Safety Case Study

With Amplifire's training solution, a major health system achieves 100% proficiency on patient safety topics and eliminates patient harm.

EHR Case Study

Clinicians expect a personalized learning path that is engaging and respects their time and knowledge.  An adaptive eLearning solution that customizes the learning experience to fill their unique knowledge gaps, shortens training time.

Obstetrics Case Study

When things go wrong in obstetrics, the reasons are often unclear, lack of knowledge is frequently the root cause. Errors in clinical judgment were cited in 77% of more than 800 clinically coded obstetric malpractice cases according to CRICO Strategies. By the end of each Amplifire course, 100% of the clinicians were proficient (confident and correct) on all the material.


Our first-of-its-kind national hospitalist sepsis study was designed as a clinical intervention using the Amplifire training tool, which delivers a groundbreaking learning experience and advanced analytics. The goal was to acquire data on what doctors and nurses know about sepsis. Can they recognize sepsis at an early stage? Do they know the evidence supporting treatment guidelines? Are they confident about how to respond?


Why does CLABSI still happen? A major US health system employed the Amplifire training tool to acquire data on what its nurses know and don’t know about these protocols for managing CVCs, and to find and fix any misinformation the nurses held.


A major US health system employed the Amplifire training tool to acquire data on what its nurses knew and didn’t know about managing urinary catheters, and to find and fix any misinformation. Could the nurses identify when catheterization is indicated? Did they know how catheterization tubing and equipment should be handled? Were they confident in their knowledge? Was their confidence justified?

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