Boulder, Colo. (June 6, 2016) – (Marketwired – March 07, 2017) – Amplifire, a scientifically proven, adaptive, elearning software solution used by healthcare, education, and Fortune 500 companies like UCHealthPartners HealthTime WarnerUnited AirlinesCompTIAMastec, and The Princeton Review, honors an inaugural member if its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)Daniel Schacter, Ph.D., for his selection as recipient of the 2017 William James Fellow Award from the Association for Psychological Science (APS).

Daniel Schacter

Schacter, a distinguished author, former chair of Psychology at Harvard University and founder of Harvard’s Schacter Memory Lab, will be honored with the William James Fellow Award for his “significant intellectual contributions to the basic science of psychology” at a ceremony in Boston in May. The award is the highest honor conferred by APS.

“Dan’s unique insights have been instrumental in developing the scientific underpinnings of our learning platform and incorporating the recent trends in brain science,” said Bob Burgin, CEO of Amplifire. “Specifically, his research on forgetting, memory, and the study of fMRI imaging during learning has helped formulate Amplifire’s brain science based learning technology. We are very proud to be associated with an important leader in this field of study.”

Amplifire’s proprietary software, developed by the world’s leading experts in cognition, includes triggers that switch on learning and dopamine levels in the brain resulting in faster learning gains, coupled with increased memory and retention over time. Amplifire’s patented adaptive learning algorithms and visual heat maps provide evidence of learning and the reduction of Confidently Held Misinformation™ data that can cause risk, loss, and harm in any industry.

Schacter was one of the first members of Amplifire’s prestigious SAB – a collection of the nation’s leading neuroscience and cognition experts on learning and memory – to review, validate, and enhance the methodology and algorithms of the Amplifire software platforms. The platforms have remained at the forefront of scientific advancement in learning and memory.

“With guidance from our SAB, Amplifire evaluates new research for triggers that are empirically shown to switch on learning circuits in the brain that cause memory,” said Charles Smith, co-founder and Chief Research Officer for Amplifire. “We then incorporate the most effective triggers into our software-based elearning platforms to speed up the process of learning and ensure that the resulting memory is more durable than with traditional study techniques.”

This dedication to software supported by scientific research has contributed to the success of the Amplifire adaptive learning solutions in practice across all company verticals:

Amplifire Healthcare Alliance – helps hospitals discover and prevent patient harm and financial loss caused by Confidently Held Misinformation™ data.
Amplifire Advanced Education – partners with colleges and universities on curriculum innovation, microlearning, and student analytics leading to higher retention rates.
Amplifire Performance – corporate elearning solutions equipping leadership with the power to rapidly understand and improve the performance of every worker.

In addition to Schacter, Amplifire’s SAB members include:

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