An Amplifire partner, Pri-Med Institute, is the recipient of two 2021 Best Practice Awards from the National Association of Medical Education Companies (NAMEC). The 17th annual NAMEC Best Practice in CME Awards recognize best practices — ideas or processes that can be implemented by NAMEC members to improve continuing medical education (CME/CE). We are excited to join in celebrating Pri-Med’s continued accomplishments in continuing medical education and are proud to have collaborated on an award-winning course.

Of the two award-winning courses, “Treating More Than Just an Itch: Updates on Atopic Dermatitis for the Primary Care Provider” — which was developed in partnership with the Amplifire Healthcare Alliance — was recognized as “Best Practice in Enduring Material Educational Design.” By working with Amplifire, this leader in continuing medical education created a curriculum that combines the principles of active cognitive brain science and artificial intelligence to provide clinicians with a personalized pathway to mastery.

The Pri-Med Institute also received “Best Practice in Collaboration Among CME Stakeholders” for the CME/CE curriculum “Current Issues in Obesity: Stigma, Science, and Solutions,” developed in partnership with the Obesity Medicine Association.

Mindi Daiga, vice president of accreditation at Pri-Med, said “With our fifth NAMEC award in the past two years, we’re proud to be at the forefront of developing relevant education that meets the needs of clinicians and their patients.” She added, “We’ll continue to work with top-tier clinical faculty and education partners to develop courses that provide the latest medical insights, in the formats that best serve the primary care community.”

To read the full press release, go to “Pri-Med Institute Receives Two NAMEC Best Practice in CME Awards for 2021.” Learn more about how Amplifire is helping organizations put the power of brain science to work.

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