When you sharpen the minds of your employees, the whole organization gains an edge

Built on cognitive science principles, our adaptive platform fosters rapid learning and long-term retention while personalizing the learning experience.

It is the only platform that simultaneously measures accuracy and confidence to detect and correct misinformation — a hidden risk that can lead to costly mistakes.

A Unique Learner Experience

Experience Amplifire’s learning platform yourself to see how we put the power of brain science to work for you. We’ve created three short demos for you to sample.

Experience the platform and discover the science of learning

Amplifire Science of Learning Platform Demo
Amplifire Cyber Security Platform Demo
Amplifire Healthcare Trivia Platform Demo

These demos are only 5-10 minutes long. You will first need to register to get a login.

Use this registration link to gain access.

Rich Data Analytics

Our Reporting Suite provides powerful insight into learners’ progress towards mastery. Visual data analytics help you pinpoint areas of strength and weakness at the organizational, departmental, or individual level.  Now you can turn data into action and drive outcomes!