Amplifire Secures a Patent Protecting Brain Science-based Al Assistance in an eLearning Platform

Boulder, Colorado, March 14, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Amplifire, the global leader in adaptive eLearning, was awarded another patentfrom the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This latest patent expands Amplifire’s ability to leverage advancements in brain science to help people learn faster, remember longer, and apply their knowledge more broadly. 

Amplifire’s existing IP portfolio protects the ability to diagnose a user’s knowledge while simultaneously assessing that user’s confidence in their knowledge, which improves learning and permits powerful insights. The new patent builds upon that capability by introducing a digital tutoring system powered by recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI), which ensures that AI uses proven-effective learning techniques to support a learner’s journey. 

“One of the appealing aspects of this patent is its breadth,” said Dr. Matthew Hays, Amplifire’s VP of Research and Analytics. “We’ve built on a tremendous amount of research about how people learn versus how we think we learn.” 

Nick Hjort, Amplifire’s Chief Product Officer, has been keeping his eye on AI for years. “This patent is a continuation of a patent that was awarded in 2017 and maintains retroactive and future protections,” he confirmed. “All the while, our team has been committed to staying ahead of the curve and embracing the AI revolution.”  

The power of AI systems like ChatGPT allows Amplifire’s learning platform to generate new educational content instantaneously and adapt in real time to a learner’s needs. The patented technology also leverages the vast amount of proprietary data that Amplifire has collected, which includes over 4.2 billion learner interactions. 

Bryce Youngren, Managing Partner of Polaris Growth Fund and Amplifire board member, added, “This patent is a testament to Amplifire’s ability to leverage cognitive science, AI, and data to revolutionize eLearning. With science and AI helping to optimize the last mile of delivering information to long-term memory, this isn’t just a patent; it’s a way to shape the future of education.” 

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About Amplifire
Amplifire is a next-generation learning platform with more than four-billion interactions and is an innovator in high-stakes training for critical roles. The Amplifire platform harnesses advances in cognitive science to create personalized learning and drive successful outcomes. The platform’s adaptive algorithms guide millions of learners to mastery across healthcare, government, and other industries, providing unique analytics that offer valuable learner insights. 

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