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Vital Signs, Nutrition & Medical Equipment

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Learning Objectives

  • Recognize and demonstrate ability to report symptoms of changing patient condition to nurse immediately
  • Be able to take vital signs, documentation in the EHR, and notify RN of any abnormal findings
  • Document oxygen flow rate and concentration
  • Demonstrate meal assistance: tray set up, assist with feeding a patient, assist patient in calling food order to nutrition services
  • Demonstrate application and removal of SDS, TED Hose, and Heel Boot
  • Demonstrate accurate measurement of I&O, documentation in the EHR, and notification to RN of abnormal findings

Course Description

Recognizing changes in your patient’s condition requires attention to details when taking vital signs and assistingwith activities of daily living (ADLs). This course will cover vital signs, taking manual blood pressures, nutritional orders, intake/output, incentive spirometry, and patient care equipment utilized frequently in the hospital setting.

Course at a Glance

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21 Minutes

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