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Learning Objectives

  • Differentiate between different injection routes and injection sites
  • Select appropriate equipment for injections (e.g. needle size, gauge, etc.)
  • Use appropriate injection administration techniques
  • Identify complications due to injection errors
  • Explain how to safely use injection equipment (e.g. needles and syringes)
  • Identify appropriate use of medication vials
  • Identify common injectable medications
  • Describe how to store medications safely

Course Description

This course examines a broad range of injection topics (specifically related to clinical support staff) including injection routes and sites, injection equipment, complications related to injections, and safe injection practices.

Did You Know...

  • Injections are the most commonly used medical devices in health care settings.
  • As per the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates, approximately 16 billion injections are given annually worldwide.
  • It is estimated that up to 160,000 human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), 4.7 million hepatitis C virus (HCV) and 16 million hepatitis B virus (HBV) infections are attributable each year to such unsafe injection practices.

Course at a Glance

target audience icon Target Learners:

Clinical Support Staff, including Medical Assistants

time to complete icon Average Completion Time:

20-30 Minutes

contributor icon Co-development Partner(s):

Texas Health Resources

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