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Learning Objectives

  • Understand use of perineal/urinary drainage catheter care, IV care, and use of Chlorhexidine wipes
  • Demonstrate use of the TAP System, proper turning techniques to prevent sheering, proper turning the bed and chair alarm off and on, and making a bed using approved linen
  • Demonstrate oral care for a patient
  • Demonstrate performing a bed bath, and covering an IV or central line for bathing
  • Understand use of bedpan, urinal, condom catheter, and PureWick
  • Demonstrate collection of urine/stool specimens, including labeling with two patient identifiers
  • Demonstrate skin care as delegated by the RN

Course Description

In this course, learners will demonstrate an understanding of the National Patient Safety Goals and their role in hospital acquired infection and injury prevention.

Course at a Glance

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20 Minutes

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