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Learning Objectives

  • Observe an indwelling urinary catheter for breaks in the system 
  • Define appropriate urinary catheter system positioning 
  • Use proper technique for peri-care and indwelling catheter care 
  • Describe when to notify the nurse about a concern regarding an indwelling urinary catheter or central line 
  • Summarize proper bathing and CHG cleansing techniques 
  • Demonstrate proper charting in Epic 

Course Description

Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) cause great harm to patients and are extremely costly to hospital systems. Two major types of HAIs are Catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs) and Central Line-associated blood stream infections (CLABSIs). In this course, you will learn techniques to manage patients with indwelling catheters and central lines to help prevent these harmful infections. 

Did You Know...

When a patient has an invasive device such as an indwelling urinary catheter or central line, that patient is at increased risk for a healthcare associated infection (HAI). HAIs are the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in hospitalized patients. Every member of the healthcare team can help prevent these HAIs by identifying patients with invasive devices, using proper device management, and documenting all completed tasks in the patient chart. 

Course at a Glance

target audience icon Target Learners:

Patient Care technicians, certified nursing assistants

time to complete icon Average Completion Time:

17 Minutes

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