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Blood Culture Collection

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Learning Objectives

  • Practice proper aseptic technique for blood culture collection 
  • Summarize when use of existing lines for blood collection is appropriate 
  • Evaluate blood culture collection charting in the electronic health record 
  • Apply correct blood draw technique and sequence  

Course Description

Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) cause great harm to patients and are extremely costly to hospital systems. In this course, you will learn recommended blood culture collection practices to decrease the risk of harm to patients and contamination to blood samples. This contributes to better outcomes for patients, and decreased cost to your organization.  

Did You Know...

  • Blood culture contamination can result in unnecessary antibiotic use, increased LOS and delayed diagnosis 
  • Rates of blood culture contamination are as high as 6% 
  • Contaminated blood cultures can add $7,500 to $10,000 to the cost of a patient stay  

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20 Minutes

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