Company-wide savings with Amplifire at full implementation estimated at $2.5 million per month.

  • Razor thin margins and penalties for repeat truck rolls
  • 1% change in the repeat truck roll rate equals an estimated
  • $1 million savings per month
  • Amplifire lowered the defect rate by 2.5%

Professional fulfillment companies are contracted to install satellite TV, cable, and security systems. If you’ve ever had DirecTV installed at your house, chances are that the installer was this company.

It is crucial for technicians to perform these installations and other services properly. This company pays penalties for installations that incur a service call within 30 days of its original installation or for service calls incurred on other service calls. However, they receive incentive payments if the service call rate is sufficiently low. The margin between chargeback and incentive is razor thin—less than 2% overall. As a result, for every tenth of a percent change in the company-wide defect rate, the company stands to gain or lose $100,000, monthly.

This provider began using Amplifire in combination with instructorled and on-the-job training for their new hires. Compared to employees who went through their existing training, the “amped” technician’s service rate within 30 days was a full percent lower.

In the service on service metric, the reduction was 1.5%. Once fully implemented, the cost savings to be realized are estimated as a $2.5-million-dollar boost to the bottom line…every month.

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