Return on aviation regulatory training

Amplifire delivers a return on regulatory training in first year.

Like all aviation-based companies, Air Methods must comply with myriad rules and regulations that have evolved over the historic course of human flight.

Other industries like healthcare look to aviation as leaders in well crafted rules and procedures that have made it one of the safest industries in America, especially considering the inherent dangers. The problem: how to keep costs under control while proving to the FAA that pilots, ground crew, maintenance personnel, and support staff are fully aware and complying with thousands of regulations?

  • World’s largest civilian helicopter fleet.
  • 100,000 emergency patients per year.
  • $100 million in safety investments in the last five years.

First, the executives at Air Methods explained to the FAA how a confidence-based learning platform works to find misinformation and uncertainty. Next, Amplifire’s content team helped Air Methods convert FAA regulations into 63 concise training modules. The modules were then deployed to over 3,000 employees in 48 states in the Amplifire knowledge engineering platform.

Analysis of the data shown at right revealed a large amount of misinformation and uncertainty around regulatory policy, substantially more at some bases than others, that was remediated by the platform.

“ We planned on seeing a return by year three just from a cost perspective alone, but we are already beginning to see that. “

What the organization knew to be online learning was powerpoints with voiceovers, and that’s mostly what you’ll see out there. I can’t fault organizations for it, because if they haven’t seen what great can look like, that’s what you end up doing.

—Sr. Talent Management , World’s Largest Helicopter Fleet

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