Reduction in Resident Onboarding Time

Get your residents on the floor faster

Every year, learning and development leaders are challenged to find the necessary training resources to onboard the onslaught of residents. But major health systems have found the answer in an adaptive eLearning strategy that gets their residents on the floor on day one—yielding significant time and cost savings.

Reduce Learning Time

Due to the lack of training space and trainers, it typically took one health system six weeks to onboard 500 residents. After adopting the online strategy, they were able to onboard all 500 residents in one hour. Furthermore, the platform’s learner analytics let trainers and L&D leaders confirm that individuals had actually mastered the content before they hit the floor.

Reduce Consulting Hours

Switching to an adaptive eLearning approach saved another health system over $200K/year in consulting hours since outside contractors were no longer needed to conduct classroom training.

Reduce Trainer Time

By eliminating the classroom and moving EHR onboarding to an adaptive eLearning platform, one major health system was able to give 256 hours back to their trainers. This equated to tens of thousands of training dollars saved.

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