Ladder related incidents reduced by 31.5%

Ladder Accidents

Across all industries, the highest fatal and nonfatal ladder fall incidents (LFI) rates were in the following two occupational groups: construction and extraction (e.g., mining), followed by installation, maintenance, and repair occupations.

Every year, over 300 people die in ladder-related accidents, and thousands suffer disabling injuries. According to a report from Liberty Mutual, the direct compensation and medical treatments associated with these falls cost American businesses $4.6 billion a year.

Ladder Safety Training

For this telecom/cable service provider, technicians who experienced a ladder fall averaged 81.25 days of lost work. Their top executives employed Amplifire to reduce the number of incidents.

Amplifire worked with their L&D team to develop a Ladder Safety training course that focused on how to perform safety checks according to OSHA guidelines. The course was then rolled out to 862 supervisors. Each supervisor has 15 subordinates.

Confidently Held Misinformation

Confidently held misinformation (CHM) exists in all individuals and organizations. It is one of the largest contributors to costly errors.

CHM exists when an individual is sure they are right, but they are wrong. It creates misjudgments and mistakes. Misplaced confidence can be perilous—and result in adverse incidents.

Amplifire has the unique power to detect and correct CHM. The platform requires learners to state their certainty when they answer questions. The system then classifies which questions were answered confidently but incorrectly—representing confidently held misinformation—and customizes a module in real-time that will lead the learner to rapid mastery of the topic.

The cognitive science behind the platform has proven itself in over one billion learner interactions.

Knowledge Variation

The variation of knowledge among supervisors was high, with some supervisors quite misinformed and others showing confident mastery of the topic. Surprisingly, some of the more senior supervisors held more CHM than their counterparts.

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