Finding and fixing 32% misinformation in national demo

Amplifire finds and fixes 32% misinformation in national demo.

15 U.S. health systems1 participated in an amplifire demo. The demo module used a “sampler” of topics, including decision making, patient safety, and financial/administrative issues.

Knowledge and Misinformation: Before starting, learners knew (with confidence) approximately 50% of the material. 32% of their knowledge was Confidently Held Misinformation (CHM) which was remediated by the amplifire algorithm.

Struggle: Learners did not “struggle” with the content. 139 of the respondents showed less than 0.2 struggle. Only two learners had high struggle scores of .67 and an alarming 1.50. As a group, hospitalists are excellent learners.

Variation by Health System: Health System 4 had the most CHM (39%), while Health System 8 had the least CHM (25%).

Variation by topic: CMS Regulations had the most CHM at 48%, while Communications had only 4%.

Variation by clinician: Within Health System 1, Clinician 1 had the most CHM at 50%, while Clinician 13 had 0%.

Clinician Experience: 87% of respondents provided a rating of “good” or higher. 74% of hospitalists indicated they were likely to change how they would manage a complex patient like the one presented in the module.

1. The Amplifire Healthcare Alliance never releases identifiable data.

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