Boost Clinician Satisfaction & Maximize EHR ROI by Enhancing the Learning Experience with Online Learning

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, the challenges facing health systems are more complex than ever. High burnout rates, clinician turnover, and low satisfaction among healthcare professionals have become pressing issues that demand immediate attention.  

Unhappy and overburdened clinicians are more prone to making errors, leading to compromised patient safety and outcomes. Dangerous clinician burnout is only exacerbated by documentation burdens. Herein lies the importance of proper EHR training. Efficient use of EHRs can significantly improve clinical workflows, allowing healthcare professionals to focus more on patient care and less on administrative tasks. They get back to doing what they love, with less friction. In turn, clinician satisfaction improves, and health systems experience less turnover. 

Implementing online learning in a blended learning environment to improve the EHR learning experience  

In the quest to improve EHR training experiences and, subsequently, clinician satisfaction, health systems are getting innovative. An approach that allows for creativity is blended learning.  

In its simplest form, blended learning is education consisting of two or more delivery methods. By combining different delivery methods, blended learning offers a more dynamic and interactive learning environment. For example, health systems use Amplifire’s online learning platform as part of their overall learning ecosystem.   

Organizations that have incorporated adaptive online learning into innovative blended learning ecosystems have seen measurable improvement in training time, EHR proficiency, and clinician satisfaction. To explore these results, blended learning best practices, and provide actionable steps to implement adaptive EHR training programs effectively, download the free eBook

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