Amplifire To Launch New MAX 737 Return to Service Course

BOULDER, Colo., Jan. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Amplifire is proud to announce it has worked with Canadian airline WestJet to develop a B737 MAX Return to Service course. The course will be used as a part of the training to help pilots prepare for the MAX return to Canadian skies. It is being distributed to WestJet pilots between December 2020 and March 2021.

The new course consists of two modules; one on Ground Operations and the other on Flight Operations which focus on the recent changes to the MCAS function. The Amplifire course is layered in between Boeing’s CBT modules and learning literature to act as a knowledge check and provide evidence of learning. Once pilots have mastered the course, they will receive simulator training to put their knowledge into practice and demonstrate proficiency.

“Utilization of the Amplifire software tool provides user training using unique brain science-based learning and is a powerful tool for Evidence-Based Training (EBT) that will use actual WestJet Pilot data to help Flight Operations shape dedicated areas of focus,” said Jimmy Dean Porter, WestJet’s Chief Pilot and co-developer of the course.

Built on the latest cognitive science principles, the platform’s algorithms adapt to fill each individual’s unique learning needs. Learner analytics provide valuable managerial insights into learner progress, mastery, struggle, and precision guidance for personalized coaching.

“We are honored to work with WestJet in deploying this course,” said Dan Morley, VP of Amplifire. “The platform is another tool that ensures the safety of WestJet’s guests and crews as they return their MAX aircraft to service.”

“The work by Transport Canada and other independent regulators around the globe, in combination with our own preparation, processes and due diligence, gives us confidence in safely returning these aircraft to service,” continued Porter.

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