BOULDER, Colo., Nov. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Amplifire, an eLearning company, announced today the award of an additional patent by the United States Patent Office. Amplifire holds patents issued in the US, EU, Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, and other countries and jurisdictions worldwide. The new patent is titled Display and Report Generation Platform for Testing Results.

The new patent, US Patent No. 10,803,765, is directed to aspects of Amplifire’s learning platform, which includes unique Answer Key and Reporting Dashboard features. The Answer Key allows learners to signify both their confidence and answer choice in one click, which fosters greater metacognition. The Reporting Dashboard builds visual analytics displaying a learner’s misinformation, uncertainty, and struggle in bar charts and heatmaps. Search and sorting features allow managers or instructors to see their organization’s knowledge at any scale, from individual to team to division, and across the enterprise.

“Our customers view knowledge as a strategic way to compete.”

Confidence measures shown in the reporting dashboard are essential because confidence is the precursor to human behavior. It appears as internal thoughts such as, “I’ve got this,” or, “I haven’t a clue what to do.” The Amplifire dashboard reports and sorts using the confidence a learner displayed when they answered questions in the assessment phase of learning and subsequent refreshers. The most dangerous form of confidence occurs when a learner is sure but incorrect, referred to as confidently held misinformation, driving them towards a mistake.

The ability to see how confidence is bound to knowledge gives learning officers, administrators, and instructors a window into the risk of future mistakes in their workforce. Visualizing human fallibilities such as misinformation, uncertainty, and struggle lends unprecedented guidance to managers and instructors. For the first time, they can see the people who improve in the platform, where pockets of risk lie, and who needs at-the-elbow help.

Amplifire CEO, Bob Burgin, noted, “We are proud that the US Patent Office noticed our reporting dashboard’s unique features and awarded our efforts with a patent. Amplifire’s product development team regularly thinks up new ways to help people overcome the knowledge problems inherent in the human condition. Our customers view knowledge as a way to compete. They understand it’s strategically in their interest to help their people reach new levels of performance.”

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With over 2.4 billion learner interactions, Amplifire ( is the leading adaptive learning platform built from discoveries in brain science that help learners master information faster, retain knowledge longer, and perform their jobs better. It detects and corrects the knowledge gaps and misinformation that exist in the minds of all humans so they can better attain their real potential. Healthcare, education, and Fortune 500 companies use Amplifire’s patented learning algorithms, analytics, and diagnostics to drive exceptional outcomes with a significant return on their investment.

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