Amplifire, new member of the KLAS Arch Collaborative, shares exciting results around EHR training at 2023 Learning Summit

BOULDER, Colo., Aug. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Knowledge Factor, Inc. (“Amplifire“), the leading adaptive eLearning and content creation platform leveraging advances in brain science, and sponsor of the Healthcare Alliance, a growing consortium of over 25 world-renowned U.S. health systems, was honored to present at the 2023 KLAS Arch Collaborative Learning Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah, sharing results around electronic health records (EHR) training. As a new member of the Arch Collaborative, Amplifire joins hundreds of healthcare organizations revolutionizing healthcare quality by improving the EHR training experience. The Summit was Amplifire’s first opportunity to contribute to this initiative through partnerships and shared performance data.

Anna Eissenberg, Client Engagement Director, Amplifire, and Lindsay Coffman, Interim Director Clinical Informatics Education and Adoption, Providence, presented “Reimagining Epic Onboarding with Cognitive Science and Data.” Providence shared their transition from in-person training to online learning as part of a blended learning strategy with Amplifire to remedy costly training that lacked data insights. For inpatient nursing, they achieved a 41-48% training time reduction, saving $667,317 in Q1 2023. Learner analytics identified knowledge gaps and helped optimize the training experience and improve course content. Notably, clinician satisfaction metrics improved.

At the Learning Summit, a presentation by University of Washington and Tegria Healthcare & Technology Services also highlighted results from Amplifire-based EHR training. Keynote speaker Dr. Brent James, Amplifire Clinical Innovations Advisory Board Chairman, discussed tools that drive dramatic clinical change.

“The Amplifire team was thrilled that Healthcare Alliance members, Providence and UW Medicine, shared their insight among other thought leaders within the Arch Collaborative. Peer-to-peer guidance and inspiration are hallmarks of the Learning Summit, and Amplifire is gratified to empower a growing number of innovative health systems. Like KLAS, Amplifire is committed to improving caregiver wellness by enhancing training effectiveness and the learner experience,” noted Dr. Bryan Bushick, General Manager, Healthcare Alliance, and Amplifire’s Chief Healthcare Innovation Officer.

“KLAS is thrilled to have Amplifire as a part of the Arch Collaborative community and looks forward to measuring Amplifire’s impact on clinician experience. As a provider-led effort, the Arch Collaborative is supported by EHR vendors, professional services firms, and third-party education tools, like Amplifire, to share, learn, and improve the healthcare industry,” said Jenna Anderson, Strategy and Operations Director, Arch Collaborative.

Amplifire was also included in the recent KLAS report “EHR Education Software and Services: A Guide to Vendor and Firm Offerings.”

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Amplifire is a next-generation learning platform with more than four billion interactions and is an innovator in high-stakes training for critical roles. The Amplifire platform harnesses advances in cognitive science to create personalized learning and drive successful outcomes. The platform’s adaptive algorithm guides millions of learners to mastery across healthcare, government, and other segments, providing unique analytics that offer valuable learner insights.

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