Amplifire Appoints Kristie Invie as Senior Vice President, Reinforcing Commitment to Excellence in Healthcare

BOULDER, Colo., July 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Knowledge Factor, Inc. (“Amplifire“), the leading adaptive eLearning and content creation platform leveraging advances in brain science, and owner of the Healthcare Alliance, a consortium of over 20 world-renowned health systems in the United States; has announced Kristie Invie as Senior Vice President, Client Solutions, effective July 1, 2023. Invie successfully led client solutions for the last three years and is recognized for her commitment to our clients with this promotion and expanded responsibility. She continues to be a beacon of expertise, inspiration, and passion.

“Kristie exemplifies the qualities of an exceptional leader, and her passion personifies our mission. Her technical command, combined with genuine support, coaching, mentorship, and organization is truly inspiring. She brings sound logic, relentless drive, and compassion to everyone,” said Will Rideout, Chief Revenue Officer.

With over two decades of experience in provider and technology environments, Invie excels in leading teams focused on enhancing outcomes and efficiency through project management, quality improvement, data analysis, and training.

In her role as SVP, Invie expands her oversight to additional initiatives. She will continue to lead Client Solutions and drive growth in the Healthcare Alliance. She will serve as the company’s external subject matter expert and director in Quality and Safety initiatives, to which she brings expertise from her decade-plus Quality & Safety leadership roles at a leading Mid-West US health system. Additionally, she will provide oversight for emerging Alliances and innovative programs.

“I am incredibly humbled and honored to receive this promotion. I am excited to embrace this new chapter and seize every opportunity to make a positive impact within Amplifire. This milestone serves as a testament to the exceptional efforts of the incredible team I lead. Their unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence have been instrumental in our collective success,” said Invie. “As I embrace this new chapter, I am committed to continuing to foster a culture of innovation, empowerment, and growth and redefine what is possible here at Amplifire.”

About Amplifire
Amplifire is a next-generation adaptive learning platform with more than four billion learner interactions and is an innovator in high-stakes workforce training for critical roles. The Amplifire platform harnesses advances in cognitive and learning science to create personalized learning and drive successful outcomes. The platform’s adaptive algorithm guides millions of learners to mastery across healthcare, government, military, food service, corporate, and education segments, providing unique learner analytics that offer valuable learner insights.

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