Knowledge Factor, Inc. (“Amplifire”), has announced Will Rideout as Chief Revenue Officer to take the company into its next generation of growth, following announcement of a large capital investment from Polaris Growth Partners.

BOULDER, Colo., Dec. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Knowledge Factor, Inc. (“Amplifire”), the leading adaptive eLearning and content creation platform leveraging advances in brain science, and owner of the Healthcare Alliance, a consortium of over 20 world-renowned health systems in the United States; has announced Will Rideout as chief revenue officer to take the company into its next generation of growth. This decision follows the company’s recent announcement of a large investment from Polaris Growth Fund (“PGF”), a technology-focused private investment firm with over two decades of investing experience. Rideout previously helped drive a leading healthcare services company to explosive growth and a public offering, one of Polaris’s early investments.

“Will is a rare find. He is among a small group of people who have taken a company from a quarter of our size to ten times our size. His passion for people is contagious and his knowledge around systematically building a growth engine will help us to achieve our goal of having a major impact in high stakes human performance,” said Bob Burgin, CEO and founder of the Healthcare Alliance.

Rideout joins Amplifire at a period for accelerated growth and development and will be responsible for leading the company’s revenue growth strategy and execution. His expertise in growth operations and extensive background in health IT sales will complement the rapid, ongoing expansion of the Healthcare Alliance, a collaborative ecosystem where the world’s leading health systems co-develop both clinical and non-clinical solutions shown to meaningfully improve patient outcomes, reduce training time and costs, and increase revenue generating activities. The Alliance’s subject matter experts develop courses to rapidly onboard and train healthcare professionals, setting a new standard for quality management solutions. These courses are used in top hospitals nationally and are delivered via the Amplifire eLearning platform, powered by brain science.

“What this small group of people at Amplifire have built is one of the most interesting and high-impact companies I have ever encountered. Their partnerships with clients and members have created something really special. Now, with the backing of Polaris, we are generating a growth engine around their work. I am so impressed with the people and what they have accomplished. It is a real honor to join them in this mission,” said Rideout of his new role.

About Amplifire:

Amplifire is a next-generation knowledge engineering platform that has facilitated more than three billion learner interactions and has become the industry standard in high-stakes workforce training for critical professionals. The Amplifire platform uses advances in cognitive and learning science to assess learner knowledge, create a personalized learning pathway, identify, and remediate confidently held misinformation — instances where a learner is certain that they are correct but are wrong — and drive successful outcomes. The platform’s adaptive algorithm guides millions of learners to mastery across healthcare, government, military, food service, corporate, and education segments, providing unique learner analytics that offer valuable learner insights. Most notably, Amplifire has ignited a collaboration of esteemed health systems — the Healthcare Alliance — to reduce infection rates by 79%, correct dangerous misinformation, and shave hours from EHR training time.

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