Boulder, Colorado, Feb. 7, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Amplifire, the leading adaptive eLearning and content development platform and sponsor of the Healthcare Alliance, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Dossier, a pioneer in competency management solutions, to revolutionize workforce competency training in the healthcare sector. This collaboration aims to address the unique challenges faced by healthcare institutions by combining Amplifire’s one-of-a-kind, proven adaptive learning algorithm and the Dossier platform.

The collaboration with Dossier brings a critical component to Amplifire’s Workforce Competency offering, strategically designed to meet the healthcare sector’s pronounced workforce challenges, emphasizing the need for competency and skills-based training. Amplifire’s world-class, Healthcare Alliance courses and new AI-driven content development capabilities are transforming how healthcare learns and trains. Dossier enables 100% visibility and end-to-end management, helping Amplifire prioritize speed, efficiency, and thorough tracking to create a powerful workforce competency solution tailored to modern learning environments’ dynamic needs.

This collaboration’s key features include automated and comprehensive tracking of knowledge and abilities, flexible reporting capabilities, web-based access for seamless integration, and brain science-based adaptive learning.

“We are excited to partner with Amplifire, a company renowned for its innovative approach to knowledge enhancement,” said Geir Arnhoff, Founder and CEO of Dossier. “This partnership is a significant step toward our commitment to enhancing healthcare training. By integrating Amplifire’s AI-driven content on our platform, we aim to elevate the standard of training and patient care in hospitals.”

“Partnering with Dossier is a strategic move for Amplifire,” emphasized Bob Burgin, CEO of Amplifire. “Our AI-driven content, focused on improving knowledge and decision-making in healthcare, finds a perfect synergy with Dossier’s platform. Together, we’re not just providing information, we’re creating a powerful tool that can lead to tangible improvements in patient safety and hospital outcomes.”

Based on current use cases, the partnership is already yielding results for accreditation requirement fulfillment, administrative burden reduction, deep insights into learner knowledge, misunderstandings, and struggles, as well as empowerment and guidance for career advancement.

This collaboration is part of a broader initiative by Amplifire to invest in innovative and effective workforce development solutions. By combining forces with Dossier, Amplifire aims to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of healthcare workforce training and patient safety.

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