67% Improvement in call center performance

Call Center Challenges

Two of the biggest challenges organizations face are employee turnover and the subsequent poor performance of new employees. High turnover not only impacts the bottom line, it affects customer satisfaction and team morale.

Making matters worse, hiring and onboarding new employees is surprisingly costly. According to Bersin at Deloitte, turnover costs range from tens of thousands of dollars to 2x salary. Those astonishing figures include sourcing, interviewing, reviewing, reference checking, hiring, training, and unproductive time (4 weeks to 6 months).

Onboarding Training

The solutions are clear: First, reduce turnover by implementing practices that lead to employee retention. Second, institute training methods that onboard new hires as quickly as possible. And third, use principles from the brain sciences to make training stick in the minds of new hires so they rapidly become productive and satisfied in their work.

This study looks at Amplifire’s impact on training, turnover, and financial outcomes when it was deployed at scale in large organizations.

90.8% Less Training Time for New Hires

Amplifire’s adaptive algorithms personalize training so learners focus only on content they don’t know or are uncertain about. This saves time and money. In this case, Amplifire reduced training time from 240 minutes to 22 minutes. The total time to deliver Amplifire training to the 209 agents at this call center was 76.6 hours. Amplifire saved 683 training hours.

Employee Proficiency 5 Months Faster

Productivity is important to any organization’s success, and new hire productivity depends on effective training. For this technical services and installation firm, the number of jobs completed each day is one of the most critical profitability components. Margins are razor thin. Amplifire improved the jobs-per-day completion rate by 25%. Amplifire-trained technicians started out with 2.5 jobs per day, whereas non-Amped technicians took 5 months to reach this level of proficiency.

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