$4 million savings through error reduction

One session with Amplifire equals 20 years experience on the job.

Knowledge underlies almost every decision your employees make, from what to eat for breakfast (“I know I don’t have time to cook hash browns”) to when a particular procedure is called for on the factory floor.

Amplifire provides and reinforces knowledge, as well as how and when to apply it.

One of the largest cheese manufacturers in the world, has used Amplifire to train food-manufacturing employees for several years in a row. Before the first year of training, employees with 20+ years of experience already knew an average of 78.5% of the material. A year later, after one encounter with Amplifire, the average for all employees was 78.8%.

In other words, Amplifire was worth more than two decades on the job.

  • HQ: U.S.
  • Industry: Cheese Manufacturer
  • Production: One billion pounds/yr
  • Employees: 4,000

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