BOULDER, Colo., May 13, 2019 — Amplifire, today announced it has reached more than 2 billion learner interactions in its patented adaptive learning platform. That’s a 9% increase in user interactions from the previous year. The company has also added more than 827,797 unique learners to its platform during this time period.

Amplifire engages learners and creates memorable learning experiences by adapting to each learner in real time. The platform detects and corrects knowledge gaps and misinformation that can lead to poor performance and cause errors.

The system includes a robust reporting suite that identifies misinformation, gaps, and struggle at the individual, team, location, and systemic level. Organizations can use this to improve performance. With 2 billion learner interactions, the system is able to deliver insights on learner behavior, predict who is at risk, and intervene where necessary to keep learners on the path towards mastery.

“Reaching 2 Billion learners is a a significant milestone, ” said Nick Hjort , SVP of Product and Development. “Over the past three years, Amplifire has seen learner interactions grow exponentially which reflects that Amplifire continues to be a leader In a crowded education tehnology market.”

“It has been an exciting year for us,” said Bob Burgin, Amplifire CEO and Founder of the Healthcare Alliance. “We continue to see growth in the Higher Education market while expanding our reach in the Healthcare and Call Center space. More importantly, we are making a difference by helping individuals focus on areas where they have knowledge gaps or are struggling so they can perform at their highest potential. We remain committed to improving learning efficiency.”

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