“It’s important that leaders understand how we can use a tool like Amplifire to transform perfunctory education into learning that has clinical and operational value.

– Julie Reisetter, RN, MS, Vice President of Innovation,University of Colorado Health

The Physician Outsourcing Challenge

You can set your agency apart from the competition by ensuring that your staff has elite knowledge of the latest evidence-based guidelines. Before now, there was no way to spotlight the invisible assortment of knowledge gaps and misinformation that exists among your physicians and nurses.


Amplifire’s adaptive learning platform leads clinicians to mastery by rapidly finding and eliminating their misconceptions, outdated information, and uncertainties. Clinical mastery in a variety of high-stakes topics will give your agency leverage in the competitive landscape.

Mastery Gives You a
Competitive Edge

15 U.S. health systems participated in an Amplifire demonstration that used a variety of topics facing physicians in the emergency room.

At the start, these physicians knew (with confidence) approximately 50% of the material. 32% of their knowledge was confidently held misinformation (CHM) which was remediated by Amplifire.

By the end of the course, 100% of the clinicians were confident and correct on all topics.

The Peril of Misinformation

This study looked at 1,245 clinicians’ ability to recognize and treat sepsis. It found large amounts of confidently held misinformation that varied by the category of risk. For example, when doctors have misinformation about fluid management, the risk is high, because organ function can become seriously impaired if fluids are imperfectly managed.

Building Master Clinicians

Amplifire is designed to reduce variation among clinicians. In this 15 hospital study, wide variation is seen in what clinicians think they know about decision making, patient safety, and administrative matters. For example, at this particular hospital, one physician was burdened with 50% confidently held misinformation, while another had none.